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Intel Evo 4.0 New High-Res Webcams

Leaked specs for Intel’s Evo 4.0 platform are promising much better webcam picture quality – and they want to make 8MP cams an industry standard, so we can say goodbye to dodgy low-res webcam for meetings and catchups.

The fourth gen of the Evo platform, potentially featuring the Raptor Lake series of processors believed to be impacting in Q3 2022, looks set to mandate 8MP cams on any laptop running the spec. So if a manufacturer wants to play with Intel, they have to play by Intel’s rules.

More than just high-res cams, though, manufacturers have to roll with an 80° field of view and pass the VCX (valued camera experience) benchmark. That benchmark looks at various aspects of image production, including motion control, sharpness, dynamic range, texture loss and performance under various lighting conditions.

Microsoft have also reportedly begun demanding minimum standards for partner devices, insisting manufacturers provide quality webcams, microphones and speakers.

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