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Intel Chipset Beats Apple MacBook Pro. Consumers Win

Apple looked to be leading the industry with their new M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets, but Intel are leaving them in the dust with the new AlderLake-based Core i9-12900HK, and it’s all because of power consumption, with the Intel beast drawing 100W to achieve best-in-show status, while the M1 Max draws in around 40W.

Apple has a performance advantage due to their exclusive link with the iOS software and iPhone hardware, and they’re now benefitting from the same type of link with their macOS software and iPhone hardware.

The gap this offers is being used for the iPhone to benefit in battery life, staying similar to previous gens while designing smaller, thinner hardware.

As for the macOS platform, Apple are working on the battery life of their laptops, going for endurance on par with the iPhone and iPad, rather than increase power consumption for more performance.

Intel, meanwhile, don’t have the same tight hardware integration, but – along with the likes of AMD and Qualcomm – they serve the wider PC market which generally runs Windows 10 or 11, over a huge combo of parts and specs.

They also have a wider range of chips, allowing the support of power efficient or performance focused systems.

The Intel chip is tailored for performance and makes the necessary decisions to achieve that.

So even though the Intel chipset has taken out Apple, Apple still come up trumps in terms of efficiency.

While Windows’ omnipresence allows manufacturers to put forward their own idea of desktop computing on a common platform, a trait valued by some, others value the protective – some would say restrictive – nature of macOS, which holds back options and configurations.

So in the end, Apple’s arrival on the desktop chipset scene has invigorated the market, with the only true winner being the consumer.

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