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Industry Applauds Fletcher Post

The selection of Paul Fletcher, pictured, as Australia’s latest Communications Minister, replacing the UN-bound Mitch Fifield, has received some generally complimentary nods from within the comms sector yesterday.

An early commendation came from industry commentator Paul Budde who said: “Paul Fletcher is perhaps the best qualified in government to take on the telecoms portfolio. I’ve known him since his Optus days and I greatly respected the views he had at that time on the market.

Paul Budde

“He has a big task ahead trying to get bi-partisan support back in telecoms. There is a bit of healing needed, but it is in the national interest to take politics out of telecoms. It simply is too important for the future of our country.”

John Stanton, CEO of the Communications Alliance, said that, as parliamentary secretary for communications, Fletcher had “worked closely and constructively with industry and other stakeholders on a package of ‘red-tape reduction’ initiatives.”

He added: “I think Paul recognises, better than most, that a balance needs to be struck between the imposition and costs imposed on industry and consumers by additional layers of regulation, compared with the benefits that can be generated. We look forward to working with the new minister.”

And, from Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) CEO Teresa Corbin:

Teresa Corbin

“The next three years will bring a number of important milestones, challenges and opportunities for telecommunications in Australia. From the roll-out of 5G, to the anticipated completion of the NBN network, we look forward to working with Minister Fletcher during this exciting time to achieve better outcomes for consumers.”

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