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Ikea To Launch Augmented Reality App On Apple iOS 11

Apple’s newest operating system (iOS 11) is scheduled for release nearly a month from now – one of its core features will be Apple’s Augmented reality engine (ARKit), allowing developers to build truly unprecedented creations.

Furniture giant Ikea has demonstrated the power and usability of Apple’s ARKit, by announcing its augmented reality app Ikea Place will land on the Apple Store following the release of iOS 11.

The app will allow Apple users to access Ikea’s catalog on their phone/iPad, and “place” the item using augmented reality into the room they’re standing within.

The functionality of this development will truly add a level of excitement to consumers who can design and see their “new room” filled with items from Ikea, in real time and space.

The items are placed in a customer’s room with 98% accuracy to scale.

See the app in action below:

ARKit will function via iOS 11 through iPhone 6, iPad Pro and all subsequent newer models.

Apple will likely be invoking the mantra that augmented reality is the future, while demonstrating the capability of developers, like Ikea, to offer significant value to users.

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