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Ikea Launches Two Smart LED Lamps

IKEA has released two new smart LED lights with up to 1,000 lumens of brightness and remote dimming.

The IKEA PILSKOTT LED floor lamp has up to 700 lm brightness while the PILSKOTT Pendant Lamp can reach a maximum of 1,100 lm brightness.

The LED floor lamp has a concrete base and anodized aluminum housing. The lamp outputs 14.5W power and has a built-in dimmer switch.

The pendant lamp outputs 16.5W and measures 97 x 4cm. It comes with a ceiling mount and the same black anodized aluminum housing as the floor lamp.

Both models can be remotely controlled by the TRADFRI wireless dimmer. Both products also support connectivity to the IKEA Home smart app and they are both made using a bendable LED light strip. The smart LED lamps can last up to 25,000 hours and they can be dimmed to suit the mood.

The IKEA PILSKOTT LED floor lamp, costing $ 149, is available for purchase from the Ikea website.
While the other model is not available for purchase yet, its price should roughly be the same.

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