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Ikea Gets Into Gaming Furniture

Ikea is teaming up with Asus to develop a new line of ergonomically-designed furniture specifically for gamers.

The joint effort between Ikea and Asus gaming label Republic Of Gamers (ROG) will see the release of about 30 furniture products and accessories, developed in Shanghai to be affordable and ergonomic. Designers and engineers from both companies consulted with professional gamers to explore their furniture needs, and designed the range to meet the requirements for a comfortable, high-quality gaming experience.

Kris Huang, General Manager of Asus Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit, said gamers seek comfortably functional gear that enables full immersion in games.

“With years of experience delivering innovative gaming solutions to gamers, ROG has a strong understanding of the gaming community. Together with Ikea as an expert in home furnishing, we envision that this collaboration will create synergies that empower gamers to build the gaming space they have always imagined in the comfort of their own homes,” he said.

According to Ewa Rychert, Global Business Leader of Workspace at Ikea, gaming furniture is often overlooked despite around a quarter of the global population – 2.5 billion people – playing video games, and studies showing benefits to mental health and well-being from gaming.

“It’s a source of relaxation, independence, fun; through gaming, people develop skills within problem solving, teamwork and communication. Playing games also provides a new way of connecting with others which has become even more important recently to feel connected remotely.

“We hope that the new gaming range will help to embrace and enable the benefits of gaming in life at home,” she said.

The new range will launch in China in February 2021, with a global release the following October.

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