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IFA 2018: Samsung Brings 8K QLED To Consumers

Samsung has used IFA to tell the world they are bringing 8k to consumers in Europe and North America from October 2018 with their Q900 QLED TV. Australian prices and availability to be announced.

There will be two ranges of the Q900, the European series will come in 65, 75, 82 and 85 inch editions, and Americans will have the Q900FN which will only come in 85 inches.

No matter which version you get, the basic architecture will remain the same. The televisions will be powered by Samsung’s new 8K Quantum Processor and will feature Full Array Elite Local Dimming.

As there is almost no 8K content available, the screens rely on a powerful 4 to 8K upscaling technology that leans on AI features to learn to recognise objects on screen and decide how to upscale them. The TV’s will regularly update themselves to keep up to date with the ever growing database.

Samsung claims the screen can output a bright 4,000 nits, backed up by HDR10+. These early specs point toward a truly next generation device.

Many are wondering what the new format will be called, as Ultra-Ultra High Definition is a bit ridiculous. NHK, the famous Japanese broadcaster has shot portions of the Rio and Seoul Olympics in 8K using the term Super-Hi Vision, but there still isn’t a universal name for the format just yet.

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