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IFA 2017: Asus Reveal First Windows Mixed Reality Headset

ASUS has unveiled its first Windows Mixed Reality headset at IFA 2017 in Berlin, alongside the Windows Mixed Reality controllers which will accompany it.

Whilst the tech inside the headset is similar to other rivals, reportedly ASUS have done a fine job differentiating where it can.

As an example, ASUS has covered the headset’s visor with polygonal-art, which provides a pleasing aesthetic.The headset also feels lights than competitor offerings. ASUS has also included an antimicrobial cushion inside.

ASUS’s headset comes out much more affordable than rivals, Vive or Rift, as it uses inside-out tracking which utilises the two front mount cameras to track the controllers, instead of needing additional peripherals.

Sources state despite this, the system works very well and does not compromise accuracy and reliability.

The controllers – designed by Microsoft and similar to the Oculus Touch paddles – offer a less ‘gaming-focused’ button layout, inclusive of a Windows key, touchpad, and thumbstick on the main platform.┬áThe design offers a message that it can seamlessly be used for business, and play, as your fingers fall naturally around the other triggers places on the thin hand sticks.

Testers state that even when placing their hands well beyond the visor’s field of vision, tracking remained accurate.

The outside ring is littered with a halo of small LEDs which the headset employs to find the position of the headset in the air.

It has been confirmed that the headsets will be compatible with Steam VR games.

At current, ASUS has not provided an indication of whether its hardware will launch end of this year or early next.

The headset is reportedly set to be priced around US$500.


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