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Humax Bring Live TV To Media Box Space With H3

Humax are gearing up for their latest effort when it comes to home entertainment with their new H3 Espesso Smart Media Player.

Like a FetchTV or Chromecast, it connects to both your home network via Wi-Fi and your TV via HDMI to stream content from apps like Netflix and Youtube. However, the kicker here is that the H3 also comes with the ability to tune into free-to-air TV without an aerial – a feature many media boxes still lack.

The H3 can also access and stream media from other devices on the network, be they tablets, smartphones or laptops.

They’ve even managed to squeeze the media box’s remote into an application available for iOS and Android.

All told, it’s a comprehensive package and one that should have local players on notice if deployed in the Australian market.

“This innovative Smart Media Player represents yet another technology breakthrough from Humax. Ideal as a stand-alone streaming device, or in partnership with the Humax Freeview Play PVR range, the H3 Espresso delivers a seamless and easy-to-use solution for multi-room TV viewing” said Graham North, vice president sales at Humax.

The Humax H3 Espresso smart media player is available in European markets for £79.99.

Australian availability and pricing to be confirmed.

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