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Apple Leak Confirms New MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Panel

Apple has inadvertently confirmed rumours of an OLED touch panel and fingerprint sensor for the next MacBook Pro, ahead of the company’s “Hello Again” event early on Friday morning Australia time.

Images of the new device, featuring a thin touch panel display in place of typical function keys, were leaked in the latest update for macOS. One image reveals how the touch panel will adapt depending on context, asking the user to confirm an Apple Store purchase using Apple Pay with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.


Removing the row of 14 function keys takes away keyboard control of volume and screen brightness, as well as the traditional escape key, but the touch panel is expected to display these functions by default. Previous leaks have suggested Apple may promote the touch panel as the “Magic Toolbar”.

The fingerprint sensor on the right side of the touch panel is also expected to act as a power button. Due to the size of the keyboard, the images also appear to reveal the addition of speaker grilles on both sides of the keyboard for the 13-inch MacBook Pro model. Previous 13-inch MacBook Pros have generally hidden the speakers inside the body of the laptop.

The new Macbook Pro will be revealed at Apple’s next event at 4:00am Friday. A new MacBook Air and new iMac models are also expected to be announced.

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