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Huawei Foots Bill For Most Oz Politician Overseas Trips

Recent reports reveal Huawei has sponsored the largest amount of international trips for Australian federal politicians. The newly uncovered research affirms Huawei paid for 1-in-5 corporate-sponsored trips in the last eight years.

The news follows exclusive ASPI research from the ABCbased on twelve trips to Huawei’s Shenzen headquarters by Australian federal politicians. It represents a total of 55 corporate-paid for trips during the period.

As a matter of comparison, Huawei foot the bill for twice as many trips versus the Chinese Government in the same period.

Worth several tens of thousands of dollars, corporate trips reportedly include international business class flights, domestic travel, plus free meals and accommodation.

Politicians who accepted Huawei’s all-expenses paid “study tours” include Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, and Trade Minister, Steve Ciobo, amongst others. The practise is not illegal, and provides access to examine the Chinese marketplace.

The news comes on the eve of the government’s decision about whether it will allow Huawei to bid on contracts for Australia’s 5G network.

As previously reported, several officials have warned against the Chinese company’s involvement, citing national security concerns.

Huawei Australia has continued to rebuff allegations, asserting the Chinese government has no internal involvement in company operations.

Chairman, John Lord, is set to address the Australian National Press Club on Wednesday, calling for officials to accept Huawei’s assistance with the 5G network build.

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