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Huawei Accused Of Stealing Data From Pakistan Government

US cloud software company has filed a lawsuit against Chinese company Huawei, alleging it stole its IP by attempting to reverse engineer its cloud software.

Business Efficiency Solutions teamed with Huawei on a project to update the Lahore law enforcement’s IT in 2015, but claimed the company used this $150 million deal to reverse-engineer BES’s software in order to void the contract.

More interesting though, are claims Huawei installed a back door into the Pakistan government, in order to steal data.

“Huawei also began to use one of BES’s software systems to establish a ‘backdoor’ from China into Pakistan that allowed Huawei to collect and view data important to Pakistan’s national security and other private, personal data on Pakistani citizens,” alleges the suit.

Huawei are denying the claim, stating: “In September 2018, Huawei Pakistan filed for arbitration in District Courts (West), Islamabad against Business Efficiency Solutions (BES) over ongoing contract disputes.

“This arbitration resulted in an interim relief order in Huawei’s favour. The arbitration process is still ongoing. We do not comment on on-going legal cases. Huawei respects the intellectual property of others, and there is no evidence Huawei ever implanted any backdoor in our products.”


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