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HTC To Launch World’s Second Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Following the rise of cryptocurrency and DApp, Taiwanese-based HTC has revealed it’s launching an Android blockchain-powered smartphone named ‘Exodus’. The news follows the transfer of half its smartphone R&D team to Google in a $1.1 billion deal last year.

First noticed by TheNextWeb, HTC’s blockchain-powered smartphone features a universal wallet, with hardware support for cryptocurrencies and decentralised apps.

‘Exodus’ will reportedly support ethereum and bitcoin, with further network partnerships to be added over time.

Heading up the project is HTC Vive Founder, Phil Chen, whose title is “Decentralised Chief Officer”.

According to The VergeHTC’s Exodus is the world’s second blockchain-powered phone, following Sirin Labs’ ‘Finney (~US$1,000), which is set to be released in October this year.

Blockchain smartphones are said to offer higher security than their rivals, whilst forgoing mining fees associated with direct cryptocurrency trading.

As previously reported, HTC’s smartphone business has taken a battering in recent years. It’s new blockchain-powered smartphone could signal a shift in the division’s commercialisation strategy.

Mr Chen states Exodus will support “the entire blockchain ecosystem” with “many more exciting partnerships” to be announced in the “next few months”.

Speaking at Consensus 2018, HTC revealed it plans to develop a native blockchain network. Exodus phones will reportedly behave as ‘nodes’ to facilitate cryptocurrency trading amongst phone users.

The news comes follows Facebook’s announcement of its new blockchain division, which has poached several executives from subsidiary companies (e.g. Instagram).

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