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HTC 10 Video Teaser Focuses On Audio

HTC has released a video teaser ahead of the expected launch of its HTC 10 smartphone, in which it states it is bringing “the best BoomSound yet”.

The video has been released via HTC’s Twitter account, carrying the “#powerof10” hashtag.

HTC states via the tweet:

“Not all music is created equal. Hi-res audio so every note is crystal clear. You’ll hear it. 4/12 #powerof10”

HTC had previously confirmed an April 12 event, tweeting:

“See what we’re obsessed about on April 12 on http://HTC.com. #powerof10.”

An accompanying image sports the tagline: “we admit it. we’re obsessed … but in a good way.”

The latest video focuses exclusively on audio, linking back to HTC’s original “obsessed” tagline, opening with the line:

“We admit it. We’re obsessed. Obsessed with sound.”

It later states:

“We want you to experience flawless high-fidelity on your phone. That’s why we’re bringing you the best BoomSound yet.”

As for specific details, the video gives little away ahead of the official event next week.

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