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“The Connected Future Is Coming”

"The Connected Future Is Coming"

CN: What appliance categories are LG going big on this year – LG have already said cooking appliances, washing machines and laundry, but what about smaller appliances?   
“LG has a strong portfolio of products with innovative and consumer relevant features coming to market in 2013 across our core major appliance categories as well as in select niche categories like built-in cooking and vacuum cleaners.”

CN: What are your bestselling appliance products/categories?  
“LG has been a market leader in front loaders since 2003 and the total washing machine category since 2010. LG was also  No. 1 for robotic vacuum cleaners for Q1, 2013.” 

CN: LG launched a Side-by-Side Door-in Door fridge in Feb. 2013. What other trends are emerging in fridges?  
“We believe this product is a good fit into the Australian market based on the demand and growing appetite for dual access doors. We believe that the popular door-in-door model will continue to grow in popularity and become a firm market favourite. Larger capacity is also another trend we are seeing, and this is being driven larger trends such as bulk buying.”

CN: Fridges are getting bigger it seems…are all appliances, or are some, like vacuums, shrinking? 

“The capacity of many home appliances are becoming larger as has been reflected recently with the launch of the new LG 10kg SmartWasher washing machines. The WD14070SD6 front loader and WT-R10856 top loader sport this 10kg capacity, with a new and improved large drum.”   
CN: What makes an LG appliance better than a rival brand? 
“LG takes pride in build quality, brand heritage and service. The LG brand has a strong history in Australia and gives consumers confidence in a quality they know and expect from the brand. 
“LG has invested in top quality materials, technologies and workmanship in the development of major appliances. We are recognised by retailers and consumers alike as one of the best brands to do business with due to superior service and support programs.”
CN: How long until we get Internet connected fridges and ovens in Australia?  
“LG sees the market becoming ever ‘connected’ in the future, and this will extend to internet connectivity for washing machines, refrigerators and ovens. We are currently unable to comment as to when appliances such as these will be available in the Australian market.” 
CN: How will LG promote their new categories and what will they be doing with retailers? 
“The success of the LG Door-in-door campaign and the positive feedback from the new LG Finish Dishwasher TVC demonstrates the ability for fun, cut-through advertising with a well known brand ambassador to engage and inform the consumer. “
“Georgie Parker has been a great asset to LG and we will continue to work with her as the LG ambassador for 2013. LG has several consumer promotions running to add additional value for retailers and consumers. For example, we have a Fridge & WM Eftpos Cash Card, MWO Tupperware give away, DW 6M Free Finish Detergent. 

From the 24th April until 23rd June 2013, LG customers will receive an Eftpos cash card valued up to $150 when they purchase a selected SmartWasher washing machine. All claims and purchase receipts must be registered by 15th July 2013. LG is also heavily invested in retail training programs to drive hero products and key technology messages for trade.”