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HP Going Big On Microsoft VR

Off the back of Microsoft’s recent Surface event and revelation of how the tech giant plans to tackle the increasingly crowded VR market, HP has spoken up about how it plans to come out swinging in time for the Windows 10 Creators Update due next April.

During their event, Microsoft said it would be working with a number of partners (including Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer) to deliver a range of affordable VR-headsets.

HP have since come out with a post on their official blog detailing their plans to seize the potential of the upcoming Creators Update and realize the company’s vision for virtual and blended reality.

They say “one of our favorite things about Windows Holographic is that it enables a new approach to positional tracking for VR. It uses technology enabled first on Microsoft HoloLens to create a 3D map that eliminates the need for external tracking hardware that are a part of today’s high-end VR systems. For the first time, customers can experience VR with six degrees of freedom by removing the bounds of physical space.”

The company also emphasized the viability of mobile PC’s like their recently released OMEN X VR Backpack, suggesting that when combined with VR tech “the increased capability to move anywhere is now a reality”

HP says their VR solutions will arrive in early 2017 and hold true to the $300 price point that Microsoft proclaimed during the press event.

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