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House Of Marley Launches New Outdoor Speakers

Eco-friendly manufacturer, House of Marley, has released its new ‘No Bounds’ series in Australia – IP67 certified waterproof speakers which take on the likes of Ultimate Ears’ Boom and JBL’s CLIP.

First unveiled at CES 2018, the new ‘No Bounds’ range incorporates “consciously harvested” cork, and claims to be Marley’s most rugged outdoor series yet.

The ‘No Bounds’ range includes a small standard model (A$99.99), ‘Sport’ version with 360-degree sound (A$149.95), and larger ‘No Bounds XL’ speaker set to release later this year.

With an accompanying ‘clip’, the standard version pledges 10 hour battery life, coupled with wireless dual-speaker pairing and an included carabiner.

Like its competitors, consumers can connect and stream music across two No Bounds speakers simultaneously.

A built-in microphone claims to offer robust speakerphone capabilities, coupled with integration for Apple’s Siri.

The more expensive ‘Sport’ No Bounds Speaker (A$149.95) pledges 360-degree sound, with up to 12 hours battery life from a single charge. House of Marley asserts only 2 hours is required for a full charge.

Similar to its smaller counterpart, Marley claims the Sport speaker is buoyant, and features a ‘twist bottom cork base’ to store its charging cable.

Like other House of Marley products, the new No Bounds speakers support sustainable sourcing and incorporate Marley REWIND™ fabric, non-toxic REGRIND™ silicone, REGRIND™ cork and recyclable aluminium.

House of Marley Director of Product Development, Josh Poulsen, affirms the use of cork offers “vibration assistance” and better wear-and-tear resistance.

“Cork is lightweight, durable, naturally antimicrobial and impermeable to water, allowing it to sustain wear and tear, offer vibration assistance, and even float”

“Not only is the low amount of production process very efficient, cork is also consciously harvested by hand every 7-10 years from the bark of oak trees, regenerating naturally over time and making it an easy choice when it comes to sustainable design in outdoor consumer electronics.”

Further information is available on House of Marley’s website here.

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