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Home Phones Make Surprise Comeback In Pandemic Sales Spike

Tech retailers have seen a surprising surge in home phone sales during the coronavirus pandemic, with the new norm of working-from-home leading users to invest in landlines.

Companies such as Uniden have noticed shoppers buying home-office equipment have revived the home phone, with the latest handsets now offering Bluetooth and connective capabilities to smart phones.

The rise of the smart phone saw most people retire their landline in favour of the portable devices, but Brad Hales, National Marketing Communications Director At Uniden, says the electronics brand are now restocking after the lockdown sales jump.

“The home phone market is quite big – we sell 500,000 units annually anyway, but there has been a slight decline over last few years as people have replaced their landlines with smartphones,” Hale tells Channel News.

“With the NBN and work from home we’ve seen a small spike. We’ve been trying to increase production  because of this.”

Hale says users are now attracted to the idea of a digital cordless home phone as they have integrated Bluetooth technology which enables customers to dial and receive calls from mobile phones.

“A lot of people are still using the landline and with their smart phone, literally taking all phone calls into one phone,” he says.

In particular, Uniden’s XDECT® 83xx series even allows you to pair up to four smart phones to the one home phone, making it ideal for a household with multiple people.

“It’s also good especially with our range, where you’ve got bad reception for your mobile, you can pair it to the home phone and it gives you complete coverage,” Hale adds.

Retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks and Bing Lee stock Uniden cordless phones.

The roll-out of the NBN has also resulted in an increase in landline connections.

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