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Hibernation Economy: Panasonic Launches Two New French Door Fridges

With the COVID-19 pandemic seeing refrigerators and freezers sell out at consumer electronics retailers, Panasonic’s launch of two new 551L French door fridges couldn’t be more timely. The NR-CY55CGKAU (RRP: $2,299.00) has a sleek black glass finish, while the NR-CY55CPSAU ($2,199.00) has a modern brushed steel look.

In terms of fitting in food, these two fridges offer 551L of storage space. The shelves are height adjustable and tempered glass shelves that can withstand loads of 150 kg. The two models have compartmentalised storage, with a main fridge, vegetable case, Prime Fresh+ case and freezer.

They feature Panasonic’s Prime Fresh+ Freezing technology, which freezes food at -3°C, also known as ‘soft freezing’. By freezing food at this temperature there is less damage to cells, with minimal drip, helping to retain the nutrients and flavours. It also means that food can more easily be cooked and cut straightaway, eliminating the need for defrosting.

However, the freezer can also be kept at -20°C if you wish.

The fridges each have two powerful Ag Clean antibacterial and deodorising filters, with one in the main fridge area and one in the Prime Fresh case. These filter clean circulated air, suppressing 99.9% of mould and bacteria that could cause food to spoil more quickly. Blue LED lights in the Prime Fresh case also assist the filters in killing bacteria.

These two models have an energy efficient rating of 3.5 stars, with Econavi sensors that monitor usage patterns and optimise cooling performance to automatically reduce energy consumption.

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