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Hey Malcolm! EU Wants 100Mbps For All – And 1Gbps For Business

Malcolm Turnbull is claiming to have turned around an “utterly failed” NBN that would have delivered 100Mbps over fibre to 93 percent of Australian premises. However the goal of the Coalition’s NBN service is for only half that bandwidth.

Meanwhile the European Commission has set out a goal for every home in the EU to have 100Mbps within a decade and every school and business, 1Gbps, according to a Financial Times report.

The FT said it had seen a copy of the plan, describing it as part of a sweeping overhaul of the EU’s telecoms rules to be unveiled by the EC in September. It said the total investment by telcos to reach this goal had been estimated at €155 billion (A$228 billion).

In an interview with the ABC this week, Turnbull said: “I took over an utterly failed, gigantic infrastructure project – the NBN. I turned that around and it is now well on the way to being completed.” 

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