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Klipsch “Rocks Out” Gig, Stadium To OZ

Klipsch "Rocks Out" Gig, Stadium To OZ Harvey Norman’s darling audio brand is not well known in OZ. 

But this is about to change as the US giant is seeking to attack the audio market currently dominated by well known players like Bose, with new soundbar, mobile speakers GiG and KCM 1 Music Centre, Pro Media speakers 2.1, the best selling PC speakers in the world for 10 years. 

Klipsch high end gear “rocks” including its Stadium speakers, and  “embarrasses the competition”, says Westy aka Dave Westfall, Klipsch Regional VP, Asia Pacific. 
Klipsch is also the biggest selling audio brand in Harvey Norman and hugely successful in specialist retailers locally. 
The “no bullshit” sound makers, founded by Paul Klipsch back in 1946 are focused on two things; “engineering and “high performance,” said ‘Westy’, at last night’s launch event in Sydney. 
Klipsch’s passion for awesome music was clear by Westy’s ability to sing off specs for each speakers and talk at length about the company’s passion for reproducing live music – including the Klipsch Music Centre in Indiana. 

The company’s sponsorship of the Kings Of Leon tour, playing in Sydney this week, will also amp up its presence as a major audio name among GenY-ers. 
“We’re never going to make the cheapest stuff” he says. 
But prices of GiG speakers at A$249 and PC speakers at $299, mean high-end Klipsch sound can be anybody’s. 
GiG $249 
This ultra mobile and colourful wireless speaker has 2 X 1″ drivers, NFC for device paring and Bluetooth. The cool colours include blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, pink and purple. It’s got a clever band (sold separately) that lets you position your GiG to your liking. GiG is also a speakerphone that lets you take calls, ignore and even voice dial-out. 
This clever speaker stops playing once the call comes through, and once finished, recommences playing where the song let off. Pretty damn cool. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for 12 hours play time. There’s also a GiG rugged coming soon. 
GiG supports high end audio format AptX Gig promises for rich, musical bass with dual 1-inch (2.54cm) full range drivers with balanced dual 2-inch (5.04cm) passive radiators with an advanced DSP equalisation for dynamic sound.
ProMedia 2.1 $299
The world’s best selling PC speakers ProMedia 2.1 have arrived on Australian soil. 
Popular with gamers, the 200 watt dynamic system powers two-way speakers driven by Klipsch’s exclusive MicroTractrix Horns that handle high frequencies, and its low distortion subwoofer is bass-reflex type 
Each speaker is a 3-inch fibre-composite cone driver for smooth mid-bass reproduction, and a separate main volume and subwoofer level controls, headphone jack and miniplug. Each ProMedia speaker sits on a pedestal. 
But specs aside, the demo we were given last night, shows the sound on these babies are rocking, and massively loud for a set of PC speakers, that can be used as a sound enhancer for TV, home theatre or gaming.  
“ProMedia 2.1 provides power that puts some home cinema systems to shame,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO Klipsch.
Klipsch Stadium $2999
Its built like a Stadium. This modern-day wireless Hi-Fi System is kitted out with wireless options such as AirPlay. aptX, and Bluetooth, enabling Klipsch audiophiles the ability to stream from any source, but still high-performance audio. Klipsch shaped this speaker to look like a stadium stage to deliver live sound in the home. Its not very portable but can be moved around the house. 
Stadium houses 400W speakers, and is made of brushed aluminium cabinetry with soft-touch accents. 
Tractrix Horn technology allows sound to be reproduces from every watt of power with much less distortion than any other driver design, say its makers, for high end bass sound.

Its Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) tweeters, derived from Klipsch’s esoteric Palladium speaker line, also minimises distortion. Palladium-inspired midrange drivers utilise Faraday Rings to reduce voice coil inductance modulation. 

KMC 1 $399
Bluetooth wireless speaker comes in a rainbow of colours, touch-sensitive controls, supports aptX technology with 40 watts speakers. 
Klipsch’s second wireless Bluetooth speaker (after KMC 3), has dual 2.5-inch (6.35cm) full range drivers enhanced by dual 3-inch (7.62cm) passive radiators, providing full, rich bass at any volume.
A USB port and 3.5mm input, remembers up to eight previously connected Bluetooth enabled devices for quick and painless re-connections. 

Operating on its internal lithium-ion battery with an 8-hour capacity, this wireless system is ultra mobile.  
“This product launch is evidence of our undeniable passion and commitment to deliver portable, high-quality music systems that produce Klipsch calibre sound,” said Jacobs. 
“As our second wireless music speaker, the KMC 1 represents our continuation to revolutionise the way individuals share the listening experience with one another.”