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New Windows 9 Features Emerge

New Windows 9 Features Emerge

Leaked builds of next version of Windows, codenamed Threshold and widely expected to be called Windows 9, have emerged with new features in tow. 
Windows site Neowin points to developers getting “one click” access to new Windows builds, but warns this feature might not make it into the final release, which would be a pity. 
Also expected is a late September release of a public Windows 9 beta entitled “Windows Threshold Technical Preview for Enterprise”, as ChannelNews previously reported
Another popular Windows news site is WinBeta, which says the Metro/Modern UI environment will be getting an upgrade, including interactive tiles that finally do more than just displaying information, such as a live calculator, media player with buttons that work on the tile and a notification centre.  

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This includes an upcoming tile for Cortana, which is Microsoft’s version of the Siri digital assistant, which might also be activated by holding down the “Windows” key on keyboards for a couple of seconds. 

WinBeta says the Windows desktop will also be removed on devices like Windows RT tablets, for which there are no desktop apps beyond Office 2013 and various basic desktop apps like Notepad, Paint and others, and says “the idea with Threshold on tablets is to make it an immersive experience”. 
It also means that devices that don’t need desktops won’t have access to the desktop, while full power desktop computers, notebooks and tablets such as the Surface Pro 3 will come with the desktop intact and upgraded. 
It also shows that Microsoft is serious about ensuring app code compatibility between Windows Phone and Windows, meaning the lack of full-screen apps compared to iOS and Android will become increasingly irrelevant. 
Previously revealed changes include the removal of the Charms bar and the introduction of virtual desktops, speculation that Windows 9 might be a free upgrade for some users, and our list of 9 things Microsoft should consider for Windows 9 success