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Govt. Puts New Limits On 5G

CANBERRA: The Australian Government has set a strict limit on how much 5G spectrum Australian operators can snare when access to a new band of high-spectrum services is auctioned in March next year.

At 26GHz, this will be the highest 5G spectrum to be made available in Australia so far. It is said to allow for extremely high-speed, short-range broadband services, and complements the 3.6 GHz spectrum which Australia’s mobile operators are already using to deploy 5G services.

“Australia has been among the world leaders in rolling out 5G networks. To maintain our position we need to make the necessary spectrum available as quickly as possible,” said Comms Minister Paul Fletcher, announcing the new limits.

“I have directed the Australian Communications and Media Authority to set allocation limits of 1 GHz.

“This decision was informed by advice and analysis from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and aligns with the Government’s communications policy objectives.”

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