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GoPro Cuts New Licensing Deal To Stay Afloat

Following struggling sales, job cuts and rumours of a potential sale, GoPro, has inked a licensing deal with Jabil, enabling the action-cam maker to place its lenses and sensors in third-party devices.

For GoPro, it signal the start of renewed growth – the company’s shares dived to a record low in January this year, and its recent earnings report posted a 38% annual drop in sales.

GoPro has signed a “multi-year technology and equipment license” with Jabil, who is also GoPro’s camera manufacturer.

Under the agreement, Jabil will utilise GoPro’s designs and IP to make lenses and sensor modules for approved third-party products and solutions.


In a statement to The Verge, GoPro states the agreement will not include third-party cameras which directly compete against its own branded devices:

“Imagine a world where video conferencing, robotics, and even self-driving cars are powered by GoPro’s camera lenses and image sensors. Together, GoPro and Jabil can make this a reality”, states Sandor Barna, GoPro’s CTO.

The deal incorporates a suite of products – from digital imaging and consumer products – however, Jabil reportedly has its sights on applications within the military/police, security forces, and smart home industries.

GoPro and Jabil have a long history, have worked together on GoPro’s HERO camera, beginning with the HERO4.

Under the agreement, Jabil’s new products will not be branded ‘GoPro’, despite incorporating the action-cam maker’s underlying tech.

In a bid to lift its bottom line, GoPro’s technology will now expand to Jabil’s suite of products and services.

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