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Google Works Out How To Get Rid Of Nuisance Calls

Fed up of nuisance phone calls or some Indian or Philippine calls centre trying to flog you insurance or a new broadband plan, well help is on hand thanks to Google who have come up with a new Pixel phone feature that automatically sends spam phone calls to voicemail.

The big search Company has had a crack at this problem before, previously, calls to a Pixel phone would turn the screen bright red, indicating that the call’s origin is a ‘Suspected Spam Caller’.

With the new feature users won’t even be aware that a call is coming through before it’s unceremoniously dumped into a dead voicemail.

Once there you will not receive a missed call or answerphone notification, but the call can be found in your call log, and it’s there in your answerphone if you want to go looking for it.

What’s not known is whether the logfile folder will take up storage as most spam callers bother to leave a message.

Google has said that the feature is still under development, meaning it might not be perfect prior to its worldwide rollout in a couple of weeks, but the default dialler on Pixel, Nexus and Android One devices should see an upgrade soon.

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