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Google Wallet Launches In Australia Today

Google Wallet is rolling out today, replacing the old Google Pay app and offering a much more substantial service in line with Apple Wallet.

The app will store credit and debit cards, transit passes, plane tickets, loyalty cards, vaccination records, student IDs, virtual car and house keys, and gift cards.

It remains to be seen how many of these features will be integrated into Google Wallet in Australia, although the ‘open source’ nature of Wallet makes it likely that there will be high uptake.

A Google spokesperson said: “We’ve already partnered with hundreds of transit agencies, retailers, ticket providers, health agencies and airlines so they can create digital versions of their cards or tickets for Google Wallet.”

Google Wallet aims to be much more than a simple replacement for your physical wallet, integrating with other apps to provide updates and relevant information.

“If you saved your boarding pass for a flight to Google Wallet, it will notify you of delays and gate changes,” the spokesperson continues.

“When you head to a concert, you’ll receive a notification on your phone beforehand, reminding you of your saved tickets.

“Wallet also works with other Google apps — for instance if you’re taking the bus to see a friend and look up directions in Google Maps, your transit card and balance will show up alongside the route. If you’re running low on fare, you can tap and add more.”

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