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Google Home With Touchscreen Tipped To Be In The Works

Google is rumoured to be working on an upgraded version of its smart speaker, Google Home, with reports stating the new device will include a touchscreen.

Rumours of the updated device were first noticed by Android Police, who discovered data in the most recent update to the Google app.

Should the speculation be correct, the revamped Google Home is set to directly take on Amazon’s Echo Show.

Code discovered, points towards a device which is able to display the Youtube app and play Youtube videos.

The development is especially notable, as it follows Google’s recent action to remove support for the Youtube App from Amazon’s Echo Show.

The decision was particularly inconvenient for consumers, and could likely make the upgraded Google Home comparatively more appealing.

Amazon’s Echo Show can function like a video phone, add visual accompaniment to voice commands, and assist with tasks such as checking a calendar or shopping on Amazon.

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