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Google Set To Debut Next-Gen Mesh Router

Google is reportedly set to launch its next-generation mesh Wi-Fi router this year, with commentators predicting an affordably priced ‘Nest’ device will also offer LAN support.

It comes after Google debuted mesh Wi-Fi access points integrating Google Assistant smart speakers last year, at a higher price point.

According to 9to5Google, the tech giant has sought to bring down the price of its Nest Wi-Fi hardware range with affordable (~US$99) device, landing later this year.

The news follows commentator criticism over the former Nest Mesh Wi-Fi system, with a lack of Wi-Fi 6 support, higher price and no LAN port. The product was an upgrade to its predecessor due to integrated Google Assistant smart speakers.

9to5Google has found discovered a device codenamed ‘Breeze’ in recent versions of the Google WiFi and Google Home apps, prompting speculation of a Wi-Fi related device based on historic vernacular.

The Google Home app was also found to have prepared for ‘Breeze’ with a simple animation, guiding users how to connect the router to a home internet provider’s modem.

The new Nest Wi-Fi product is thereby deemed to be a router, rather than just access points.

Product listings for a ‘Google Breeze Wireless Adapter’ reportedly also leaked online via Walmart and Home Depot’s website – priced at US$99.99.

Consumers will have to wait and see what manifests from these early reports and speculation.

[Image source: 9to5Google]

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