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Google Reveals Android 14 Developer Preview

Google has released the first developer preview of Android 14 for Pixel devices before its official release later this year.

The preview is for developers and app testing only. If you go ahead with installation anyway, you might encounter various bugs.

The company estimates that the operating system will remain a developer program until mid-March at the earliest and reach Beta stage hopefully between then and sometime in April.

The preview has given us a few hints on what upgrades Android 14 will deliver. The software is meant to help developers to build apps with enhanced multitasking features which means that Google is making Android 14 even more suitable for folding smartphones and tablets.

Google’s post mentions that its goal with Android 14 is to “make sure that Android users can tune their experience around their individual needs” by “including enhanced accessibility and internationalization features.”

Android 14 is expected to be more compatible with larger screens, continuing on from the work it has already done in Android 12L and Android 13.

Google is also working to provide a more consistent app experience across different devices.

The upgrade will also include a 200% font size- increased from 130% in Android 13- complete with non-linear scaling to make text easier to read, and for it to be presented in a natural way.

Most importantly, it will focus on power efficiency with improved battery life.

Beyond these key areas, Google is also working on improving security, recognizing and blocking malware, speeding up app updates, and further improving system stability.

The Android 14 Developer Preview must be manually installed on your device, and is compatible with all Pixel smartphones from the Pixel 4a to the more recent Pixel 7 and 7 Pro but its best to wait until the Beta stage.

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