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Google Partners With Samsonite For Two New Smart Backpacks

Google and luggage manufacturer Samsonite have partnered to develop two new smart backpacks using Jacquard technology.

The search engine giant first integrated Jacquard, a tiny computer built into a tag which transforms everyday items into smart products, into jackets, backpacks and then shoes.

And now Google has unveiled the Konnect-I Backpack, which comes in two styles and uses Jacquard on the left strap to control actions on your smartphone.

Like Google’s previous smart backpack products, users can manipulate the backpack strap with gestures to automatically trigger on-demand turn by turn directions, selfies, music and phone controls such as texts and calls.

With just a brush up, brush down, or double tap of your strap, users can easily interact with their smartphone via Google Assistant.

For an added level of interaction, the LED light on the left strap also lights up according to the alerts set.

The Konnecti-I Backpack comes in two styles, Slim at $199 (AUD$199) and Standard at $219 ($AUD329) and are available to order in Australia on the Samsonite website.

However, there are no new features in the Konnect-I Backpack that don’t already exist in other Jacquard-powered bags, such as the Cit-e Backpack Google launched with Yves Saint Laurent.

“This is only the beginning for the Jacquard platform, and thanks to updates, you can expect your Jacquard Tag gear to get better over time,” Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering, Google ATAP, wrote in a blogpost.

“Just like Google wants to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful, we at Jacquard want to help people access information through everyday items and natural movements.”

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