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Google Makes Chromebook Smarter With ‘Moving Screen’

Google is developing a new ‘facial detection’ system which will automatically move a Chromebook’s screen to the optimal viewing angle, relative to a user’s position.

A patent application filed with the World Intelligent Property Organization (WIPO) was noticed by LetsGoDigital, and describes a notebook with ‘automatic display positioning’ and a ‘motorised hinge’.

As reflected in the patent application, the new Chromebook device will incorporate a variety of sensors – one gauging a user’s position relative to the screen, and another ascertaining when someone makes direct contact.

Through these sensors, the device is able to automatically position its display at an optimal viewing angle.


The news follows Google’s recent announcement, indicating the forthcoming release of a new premium Chromebook, the Google ‘Pixelbook’.

The new Pixelbook is set to be a 2-in-1 one device, with an accompanying stylus.

Consumers may have to hold their breath for some time before they see the automatic screen positioning in market ready Chromebooks.

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