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Google Goes Incognito In New Mobile Privacy Push

Google has sought to remedy long-running concerns over mobile user privacy, with latest initiatives rolling out automatic data deletions, easier incognito mode access and more.

Accessing incognito mode on all Google products will soon become faster and easier, accessible by simply long-pressing a user’s profile photo in apps such as Maps, Search and YouTube.

Users will know they’ve entered incognito mode as the app’s screen goes ‘dark.’

Incognito mode allows users to browse in ‘private’, preventing search engines and other apps from saving history, cookies, site data and information saved in forms.

Interestingly, Apple iOS app versions will be the first to receive the new Google update, with Android variants shortly after.

The news follows several years of campaigning from consumers and governments over the treatment of Google’s data privacy.

The new updates seek to edge closer to privacy as a default for all Google apps, with users able to change a variety of privacy options within Google’s Privacy Checkup Hub.

Users will also be pushed to advise their preferred time length for data to be automatically deleted.

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