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Google Data Shows Growing Lockdown Fatigue Down Under

SYDNEY/NEW YORK: Australians and US residents are starting to move around their cities, thwarting efforts to have them stay in lockdown, according to new data from Google.

This apparent “lockdown fatigue” comes as citizens in Japan and Singapore actually increase their time at home. But figures gathered by Google from Australian and US users’ phones point to increased disobedience.

The data, posted online late last week, compares daily traffic to retail and recreational venues, parks, train and bus stations, grocery stores and workplaces with a five-week period from January 3 to February 6.

In Australia, the figures show that the number of visits to transit services, workplaces and entertainment venues plunged 80 percent in mid-April – but rebounded later in the month when the rate of new cases slowed.

Google’s US data showed traffic to workplaces there was creeping back up. It was down just 48 percent from the baseline by Friday, after being down 56pc on April 10.

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