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Google Chromecast Crashing Routers

The new Google Chromecast Audio player, which is a popular seller at JB Hi Fi, has been identified as the device that is crashing certain routers.

At this stage, it is not known which routers are the most affected.

What has been revealed is that Google Chromecast Audio devices were shown to cause certain routers to boot-loop resulting in the router. Several carriers have been made aware of the problem which Google claims they now have a fix for.

In some cases, the problem has occurred with other Chromecasts such as the Chromecast Ultra.21

The problem seems to have stemmed from a firmware update, with a member of the Google Cast Community Team saying on the support forums that it is down to “a Chromecast Audio running firmware 1.21.72444 on select Wi-Fi routers.”

What Google has advised users affected by the problem is that they find a working router which they can use to connect the Chromecast in order to update to the latest firmware.

Once connected to another router, Chromecast users should use the Google Home App Preview Program option to download the version 1.22.77272 firmware update which comes with a bug fix.

Chromecast Audio

Once downloaded and installed, the update should ensure Chromecast Audio devices work with the BT routers as normal.

It’s not an ideal fix, as it requires a working router, which is exactly the problem in the first place, but another Google representative said on the forums that the company is ‘looking at other options’.

We’ll update you as soon as Google announces any other fixes for the problem, but for now, it looks like you’ll have to dig out an old router or ask your neighbour nicely if you can use theirs.