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Google Chat Gets Upgrade To Allow Up To 50,000 People

Google have announced the rollout of an upgrade to Google Chat, which increases the number of users added to a space from 8,000 to 50,000 in an effort to continue boosting communication and collaboration.
This update will be mainly effective for company-wide announcements, event-oriented spaces, large communities within companies, and support-related spaces.
The hope is that the feature will increase connectivity and sense of belonging, as well as create broader, thriving communities.
Google are also introducing the ability to search for members in a space, with users able to updates the roles of members present, and add members if not present.
There are no admin controls for the feature, and it will rollout slowly over about 15 days, beginning on July 18th for large spaces for rapid release and scheduled release domains.
The member search will gradually rollout over 15 days on web for rapid release domains beginning July 20th, and scheduled release domains beginning August 3rd.
Member search mobile will gradually rollout over 15 days for Android beginning August 7th, and for iOS beginning August 28th.
The update will be available for ALL Google Workspace customers.

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