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Apple Mac Pro Data Hit By Google Chrome Bug

A significant flaw identified in Google Keystone, the app that controls Chrome updates, has been blamed for severe data corruption issues in Mac Pro workstations.

The bug was initially reported by Variety after several Hollywood studios were brought to a standstill by the issue, including the entire “Modern Family” editing team.

Google told Mac Pro users that an update to its Chrome Browser was likely at fault for the issue, stating, ‘we recently discovered that a Chrome update may have shipped with a bug that damages the file system on macOS machines.’

The release has since been paused by Google while they address the problem, also providing users a full procedure to restore machines affected by the bug.

Initially attributed to Avid Media Composer, the issue was revealed to be affecting systems where the System Integrity Protection (SIP) was disabled, a standard function for editors using third-party graphics cards.

“Avid is pleased that the reboot issue facing some customers is solved and while Avid products are not the root cause, we’re keeping an intense focus on bringing all of our customers back online and back to work,” said Avid CEO Jeff Rosica.

The issue was first detailed by the Mr. Macintosh blog, stating in its title that Google Chrome Keystone updater is causing account and boot issues on non-SIP macs.

Though according to the Variety magazine article, the real culprit was being connected to the internet, ‘something Hollywood security experts have long advised against.’

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