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‘Droid Beats iOS…But OZ Mobile Demand Slumps

Mobile demand falls 20% as OZ turns ‘dumb’ phones off – but smartphone demand too slumped.

2.6 million mobile phones were shipped into ANZ in Q2, with the fall blamed on the decline in feature phones or ‘dumb’ phones, which fell almost 50% y-o-y. ‘Dumb’ phones now account for just 1 in 5 phones shipped, as majority of mobile users go smart.

New figures for ANZ market from analysts IDC show onetime smartphone king Apple iOS is being usurped by Android – in the form of Samsung’s, Sony, LG and HTC phones.

Samsung is still leading the pack for Android, accounting for “a large percentage” of Android smartphones, “something which I don’t see changing”, IDC mobile analyst Aman Bajaj told Smarthouse. 

Google Android’s share in ANZ mobile market is nearing double that of iOS, IDC figures show. Android accounts for under 60% of all smartphone’s operating systems, compared to Apple, Windows and BlackBerry who picked up the remainder.

Android and Apple account for more than 90% of all smartphones shipped in Q2.

iOS continues to command a loyal following here, however, Bajaj told Smarthouse he expects Apple to regain share in Q3, thanks to the new iIPhone 5s and 5c that went on sale last month.

Smartphone newcomer Microsoft Windows, too, saw a “spike” last quarter, due to the launch of low cost phones such as Nokia Lumia 520 and Hauwei W1.  

However, despite notable launches of Samsung’s hero Galaxy S4 in Q2, smartphones weren’t immune from the mobile slump, which saw a marginal decline in demand.

“Feature phones now only account for under a fifth of mobile phone shipments. This suggests that the majority of mobile users have already made the transition to a smart device,” says Bajaj.

Sony, LG  were close contenders for No. 2 Android phone, all with new models launched in second quarter followed by HTC, IDC analyst told Smarthouse.