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Nvidia Cloud Gaming Hits Oz In October

Australians will have access to Nvidia’s GeForce Now game streaming platform from October, with ISP Pentanet rolling out the beta over the next few months.

GeForce Now, a cloud gaming service from the US chipmaking giant, will allow users to stream titles running on Nvidia’s own servers to their PCs, Macs, Shield TVs, or Android devices, giving more gamers access to high-end graphics.

The beta program will proceed through two stages before the national release in October, supported by data centres in Sydney and Perth. According to Pentanet founder and managing director Stephen Cornish, this is to ensure good service and customer satisfaction ahead of the commercial launch.

“A staged and scalable approach, which adds new testers and new users over time, will enable Pentanet to build a GeForce Now service that will attract a wide variety of gaming customers through a positive user experience.

“Pentanet’s commitment to provide Australia’s gaming community with a user experience that is currently only enjoyed by their international counterparts will allow the Company to access an untapped market,” he said.

Nvidia and Pentanet say more than 45,000 people have already signed up to express interest.

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