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Gates Divorce Linked With Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein & Ove Night Stays At His NY Apartment

Melinda French Gates the wife of Bill Gates bought in divorce lawyers 12 months ago after dealings between the Microsoft founder and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein were revealed.

According to the Wall Street Journal ‘Melinda’ called in the divorce lawyers in October 2019 claiming the marriage was “irretrievably broken,” due in part to Bill Gates meetings with Epstein back in 2013 and overnight stays at the sex offenders New York apartment.

A spokeswoman for the Microsoft co-founder said at the time that the meetings had cantered on philanthropy. Epstein had died in jail two months prior while awaiting trial on federal charges related to sex trafficking.

Epstein third from right with former US President Trump

The divorce was negotiated during the pandemic, involving legal teams working with a mediator to divide their fortune, which the Bloomberg Billionaires Index pegs at $145 billion.

The couple said that they plan on remaining co-chairs and trustees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Billionaire Warren Buffett serves as the foundation’s third trustee. All three have vowed to give away the vast majority of their wealth.

In the days after the split was announced, a holding company that Bill Gates created transferred equity stakes in four different companies, worth more than $2 billion in aggregate, to Melinda French Gates, Bloomberg News has reported. The bulk of it is from about 14.1 million shares in Canadian National Railway Co.

Days before he died in a New York jail, Epstein named a little-known biotech venture capitalist named Boris Nikolic as backup executor of his will.

Nikolic had worked as a science adviser to Bill Gates and more recently funded more than a dozen firms in gene editing and other health technologies.

In an emailed statement at the time, Nikolic told Bloomberg that Epstein had not consulted him about the will and that he had no intention to fulfill the duties.


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