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Jawbone Jams Sound, Ups Health Products

Jawbone Jams Sound, Ups Health Products

– Up pictured from Jawbone US site

Jawbone, the makers of the highly stylised Jambox Bluetooth speaker, is set to release its first non-audio product called ‘UP.’

The UP is a wristband that melds movement, sleeping patterns and eating habits together and compiles that data into a corresponding smartphone app.

The device takes the typical health monitoring device like wearable pedometers and throws waterproofing and Jawbone’s mobile networking smarts together to make the device seamlessly integrate with smartphones.

Jawbone also gives the Up a one-up with its proliferating distribution network through Apple stores, and what CEO Hosain Rahman claims to be the ability to make the category ‘cool.’

In an interview with TechCrunch, Rahman said, “We are good at making things, making them small and making them cool and we have the distribution and all of that.”

“Scale and distribution is what’s so hard, not just building a great product which is already insanely hard. It also can’t be all about data, you have to connect to what people do with that data and make it social and make it fun.”

The only news on when the Up will see the light of day pins it down to this year in the US.