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The Foodies Microwave Is On

The Foodies Microwave Is On
After three years in development and 3000 hours of testing, Breville have created Quick Touch microwaves, which will solve challenges of cooking food, with some funky settings. 

Just program the weight, and Quick Touch can anticipate how much time and power is required to reheat, cook or defrost. It lets you change the power and time while the microwave is in use. 

The microwave incorporate the three variables: power level, ingredient weight and time.  

Research showed most users often choose the instant start button – which blasts everything at 100 per cent power – and experiment only with time.

There’s also interesting cooking settings including: Popcorn setting, Soften Butter and Melt Chocolate, and Favourite (for reheating, ‘A Bit More’ (originally found in Breville toasters), which adds 15 per cent more cooking time. There’s the option to vary the volume, for those that prefer a quieter ‘ready’ beep.

Breville Quick Touch microwaves are available in four colours: stainless, white, cranberry or black sesame and includes free colour matched kitchen scales ($69.95 rrp). Breville Quick Touch microwaves (BMO734, BMO634, BMO634BS, BMO634CB) cost $399.95.