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Fujifilm Reveals New XF10 Digital Camera

Fujifilm is releasing a new compact digital camera with Fujinon 18.5mm F2.8 fixed lens, the XF10.

The camera features an 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor which Fujifilm says is 14 times larger than the sensor in a standard smartphone.

The sensor features Fujifilm’s proprietary colour reproduction technology.

The company will also be developing two further lenses for the X-Series range, Fujinon XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR telephoto lens and the Fujinon XF8-16mm F2.8 R LM WR ultra-wide angle zoom lens.

The 18.5mm F2.8 Fujinon lens, equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format, ensures every image is sharp from the centre to the edges. The company says the optical design of the lens is perfectly matched to the sensor in the XF10, meaning there is no compromise due to compact size.

The XF10 weighs only 280g featuring both 4K movie and high speed video functions.

Alex Zitser, national product and marketing manager at Fujifilm says the XF10 will put the digital camera back into the pockets of travellers and social enthusiasts, with its superior image quality and automatic transfer capabilities.

“The compact, light, pocket-sized XF10 offers Aussies an a camera that will really make their pictures pop, thanks to its APS-C sized sensor and versatile picture-taking options.

“We’ve made it easier than ever before to snap and share, with pictures automatically transferred directly to your smartphone. Additionally, Fujifilm’s unique film simulation and advanced filter modes allow photographers to easily add artistic flare that will set their photos apart from the crowd.

The “Digital Teleconverter” function means the camera is capable of taking photos with equivalent focal lengths of 35mm & 50mm in 35mm format.

The XF10 offers 11 Film Simulation modes as well as 19 advanced filters. The XF10 includes the two new advanced filters: “Rich & Fine” and “Monochrome [NIR]”.

The “Rich & Fine” filter is perfect for food and other tabletop photography. It even adds a slight shadow at the four corners to emphasise the subject of the photo.

The new “Monochrome [NIR]” Advanced Filter simulates a monochrome effect like that of near-infrared cameras, helping you to shoot classic and dramatic black and white images at a moments notice.

The 1:1 format has quickly become the standard image format for posting photos to social media channels. The XF10 comes with a “SQUARE MODE” which allows users to quickly and easily switch to a 1:1 format.

To make it even easier to get your superior images onto your social networks, the XF10 has enhanced its Bluetooth connectivity that lets you automatically transfer images directly to your smartphone.

The XF10 will be $799 and available in Australia next month.

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