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French Startup To Disrupt Smart Sound With New App

French tech company Tempow, now based out of San Francisco, isn’t shying away from its ambitions to challenge Sonos when it comes to making networked sound accessible.

“Gather your friends. Unite your speakers. Start Listening. Sync your heartbeats. Amplify every moment of your life. This is the sound of your tribe,” they say on their website.

The company plans to release a new app capable of easily networking any and all brands of Bluetooth speakers together in the same manner of systems like Sonos and Heos.

You’ll be to use the Tempow app to adjust the volume of speakers individually, control which speaker is on the right, left, center, and more, and then the app will just run quietly in the background whilst audio streams through from services like Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music.

CEO Vincent Nallatamby spoke to VentureBeat and confirmed that he’s in discussions with manufacturers in the U.S. and Asia ahead of next year’s Mobile World Congress.

“We really want a partner that understands technology, use cases, and is ready to market the technology,” Nallatamby said.

“We won’t take 10 deals if the partners won’t work. But we’ll choose 1, 2, or 5 partners to create new use cases in the market,” he cautioned.

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