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FreeviewPlus Reaches 20% Household Penetration

FreeviewPlus has doubled its household penetration in less than a year, with 20% of Australian households now connected.

The hybrid TV service, launched in September 2014, experienced strong growth this year due to a national marketing campaign launched in August, as well as a certification program that has ensured FreeviewPlus is available on over 80% of all smart TVs sold.

Freeview CEO Liz Ross said the household penetration figures compared positively to those of other countries.

“This is a great result as our goal was, indeed, to reach the 20% mark this year. It’s encouraging to see the Australian market growth compare so favourably with more mature markets like Germany, for example, where there is around 40% market penetration of hybrid TV receivers after six years,” Ross said.

FreeviewPlus is available on TVs, set top boxes and personal video recorders, and integrates the catch up services and electronic program guides of all the major TV networks.

“When you consider an 85% connection rate of FreeviewPlus-enabled TVs across the country, it’s clear to see how TV viewers can now easily gain access to a huge choice of free-to-air programming whether it is live or catch up,” she said.

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