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Free-TV Slides, As Millions Of Aussies Sign Up For Pay-TV

Nearly 14 million Australians – or roughly 55 percent of the current population of 25.3 million – are now ante-ing up regular payments for some form of pay-TV or subscription TV, according to a new survey by Melbourne-based Roy Morgan Research.

Given that there are only 8.4 million households round Australia, according to a recent ABS assessment , this suggests more than half of them are ante-ing up for at least two such services, and maybe more.

Ah, remember the days when TV channel trumpeted the fact that watching was free? Not for long, it seems, even if you still find Vera or Friday footy
– or maybe, My Kitchen Rules – compelling viewing.

According to Morgan, Netflix is running away with the pay/subscription TV market with 11.2 million households, up 11.8pc  from a year ago, despite an increase in the Netflix subscription rate.

Trailing well behind is Australian-owned Stan, now used by 2.6 million Aussie households.

Trailing the field, but growing quickly, is Amazon Prime Video, which more than doubled its user base over the last year by 116.7pc to some 570,000 households.

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