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Samsung MotionSync: A Real Sucker

Samsung MotionSync: A Real Sucker

Samsung’s just-announced MotionSync SC20F70HC vacuum has a more powerful motor than previous models, swifter motion and a low centre of gravity to suck up all dirt, thanks to its MotionSync Design.

It also has CycloneForce Multi technology for more powerful suction, 2,000W power, 360W suction power and 2.0L dust capacity.  

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The body of the MotionSync vacuum is engineered to pivot separately to its wheels, and has a flexible range of motion and stability when maneuvering around furniture and walls. Its cambered wheels are designed to tilt slightly outward at the floor base, adding to the vacuum’s stability.

The MotionSync’s inner chambers create a strong cyclonic airflow to separate fine dust from dirt. Once separated, dust is forced through a series 14 inner chambers which means suction air is dust free before it is fed out through a pre-motor filter.

The Samsung MotionSync Vacuum Cleaner also operates a sponge-type foam filter that captures lots of dust, easily removed for cleaning.

Alongside the MotionSync Vacuum Cleaner, Samsung have launched two other other vacuums – the bagless SC21F50HD and SC21F60JD. The SC21F50HD CycloneForce Chamber System, Handle Control, and a 2.0L Dust Capacity, costs $429.

The SC21F60JD has suction power of 350W, and utilises a Multi-layered Micro Bag with a larger bag capacity of 3.5L, with RRP of $499.

All the new Samsungs are on sale now with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour.