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‘World’s First’ Rip Curl Surf Watch

Track your surf, register speed, distance and rack u wave count with Rip Curl Surf GPS watch. 

The watch syncs surfing data to an app that lets surfers shares images, location and graphic charts of the waves with mates on the Rip Curl platform. 
The surfing stats are shown in real time on the watch face. It syncs via Bluetooth to an iPhone or desktop app (Mac + PC) allowing surfers to relive their surfing session by visualising all the GPS data collected on the watch. 
The Rip Curl GPS Watch uses satellite positioning to auto set – touch it once and time and tide information at over 1300 surf breaks around the world appears instantaneously.
It was announced at 53rd Rip Curl Pro, taking place at Bells Beach this week, worn by Rip Curl test riders including Mick Fanning. No word yet on the price.
The slick looking surf watch comes in black, white or grey. 
Rip Curl global chairman Shane Helm, says the new Surf GPS Watch “is going to change everything. Now you can catch a wave and look down at your Rip Curl watch to see how long and how fast your wave was, instantly, right there in the water.
“It pushes you to go faster and to catch more waves. It’s the first of its kind and when you sync the watch to your phone, it creates stunning visuals so you can see every wave you caught.”
The full Rip Curl Search platform launches soon.