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Female Gamers Overlooked In Music Stakes

The new Gaming + Music report by MRC Data shows females are 34 per cent more likely to listen to pop/top 40, 20 per cent more likely to go for R&B, 28 per cent more likely to listen to Latin, and 24 per cent more likely to go for country.

The report stresses that even though gamers are big music consumers, spending more than 19 per cent on music than non-gamers each month, they are being overlooked by the industry, especially female gamers.

Described as “hidden gems”, the engagement of female gamers with music is almost 10 per cent higher than males. The report shows female gamers not only consume some of the most popular genres, but help push them.

But mostly, female gamers are being left out, which isn’t a smart move for the industry. “When you consider the audiences’ social connections, reaching this group is imperative,” explains the report.

For example, female gamers are 20 per cent more likely to use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok, which means they’re more likely to discover new tunes through short clip sites like TikTok, then spread it through word-of-mouth.

The MRC report says, “Music-gaming integrations make sense for brands that want to appeal to these influencers.

“Among female gamers, the top brand activations to gain most favourability include supporting a charity or community event with a music artist (67%), having giveaways for artist merch and/or music (60%), and offering giveaways for live music events (58%).”

Of the 17 million Australians who engage with games, 46 per cent are female. That’s a rise of 38 per cent who identified as female in 2005.

Female gamers, on average, play 70 minutes a day compared to males’ 94 minutes.

“Video games offer artists a platform where audiences are already in a creative discovery mindset, opening up doors for less obvious artist appearances,” MRC explain.

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