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Panasonic To Expand Sound + Small Appliance Range They Are Also Exploring A Move Into Building Smart Houses

Panasonic To Expand Sound + Small Appliance Range They Are Also Exploring A Move Into Building Smart Houses

According to Paul Read the recently appointed Managing Director of Panasonic Australia the Company’s products are trusted in Australia and that consumers are prepared to pay a premium price for a Panasonic made product.

He set that the local Company that has been under pressure following extensive restructuring that saw several senior executives leave the Company including former CEO Steve Rust is looking to expand their consumer electronics and B2B offerings especially in markets where they can attract a premium price.

“Panasonic produces a premium product and local research shows that consumers trust a Panasonic made product, they see our products in the consumer electronics market as being family orientated and Panasonic as a Company that is innovative, has integrity and one they can trust”. 

He said that in the audio market the Company is now developing a range of wireless audio products for the “younger generation”. “This audience researches a product and is prepared to pay a premium for a quality made product, this is reflected in retail sales” he said.
Currently Panasonic is selling 3300 Watt Max Power systems to the dance crowd as well as new multi room wireless sound systems. 

He said that in the small appliance market that Panasonic will not bring in a product “just because Panasonic has a kettle or a toaster or a juicer in a foreign market. The small appliance products we will launch will be applicable and designed for the Australian market”. 

Currently Panasonic are market leaders in the microwave, bread making and rice cooker market and among the new products will Juice Blenders, Stick Blenders and a range of premium cooking appliances. 

Read said that the Panasonic Brand was 50 years old in Australia and close to 100 years old worldwide (2015).

He said that Panasonic had been restricted to compete in five core markets, Consumer Electronics, B2B, Automotive, Industrial Design and the Housing market.

Read said that Panasonic Australia was currently exploring the concept of launching pre built houses that come with the latest solar and air conditioning systems.

“These are early days but we are exploring the potential in the Australian market as Panasonic is a leader in this field in Japan”. 

In response to the increasing demand for zero energy houses after the recent Japan Earthquake, Panasonic developed a state-of-the-art house called a “Smart PanaHome” by adopting an Energy Creation-storage Linked System for the Home that combines a photovoltaic power generation system and a storage battery, as well as SMARTHEMSTM for smart energy management for the entire home. 

The Smart PanaHome enables stress-free energy conservation and gives greater energy independence during power outages. 

The Japanese Company promoting the development of smart houses and smart cities to pursue energy technologies for the entire home and for comfortable family lives and Panasonic see a future for their homes in Australia as Governments and Councils open up new areas for housing construction.