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Klipsch Reference Series Speakers Get Upgrade

Klipsch has launched the sixth generation of Reference speakers, aiming to improve design, audio quality and build materials.

New technology underpins the most recent generation with Klipsch emphasising the inclusion of Dolby Atmos and Tractrix construction techniques that are intended to improve audio quality and projection.

Dolby Atmos enabled speakers allows for a 7.1 wall and ceiling mounted speaker placement to generate a three dimensional audio environment for the listener.

Tractrix is a propriety speaker design feature for Klipsch which passively improves audio projection, which is further supported in the Reference range with a new tweeter and phase plugs for higher accuracy.

The range will feature industrial design aesthetics with elements such as low profile magnetic grilles, scratch resistant grain vinyl finsh, exposed fasteners and spun copper IMG woofer cones, drawing attention to the signature Klipsch look.

Kerry Geist, product manager for Klipsch, commented on the range saying “The new Reference series speakers combine modern materials and technology to create an unforgettable, unrivalled music and movie listening experiences at these price points”.

The configuration of the full set up consists of:

  • Four floorstanding speakers (R-625FA Dolby Atmos enabled, R-820F, R-620F, and R-610F)
  • Two center channels (R-52C and R-34C)
  • Four bookshelf speakers (R-51M, R-41M and two powered monitors R-41PM and R-51PM)
  • One Dolby Atmos elevation speaker that can also be used as a surround speaker (R-41SA)
  • Two powered subwoofers (R-120SW and R-100SW).

The R-51PM and R-41PM powered monitors feature Dynamic Bass EQ to boost volume in low frequencies and can connect easily to turntables, televisions, computers or wireless devices in place of an external receiver. They come with phono pre-amp Bluetooth, digital optical and analog RCA and USB inputs.

The Reference Series costs its parts independently and are as follows:

  • US$498-$1,198 for a pair of floorstanding speakers
  • US$199-$499 for a pair of bookshelf models
  • US$249-349 for a centre channel
  • US$399 for a pair of surrounds
  • US$349-$449 for the subwoofers

Australian pricing and availability yet to be confirmed

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